FACTSHEET | Oct. 18, 2021

305th Air Mobility Wing

The 305th Air Mobility Wing extends America's global reach by generating, flying and delivering via KC-46 and C-17 aircraft to conduct strategic airlift and air refueling missions worldwide. Additionally, the Wing operates two of America's largest strategic aerial ports supporting the delivery of cargo to combatant commanders abroad.

The Wing's motto, "Can Do," is derived from one of the most notable Bomb Groups during World War II: the 305th Bomb Group (later, the 305th Bomb Wing). Led by its first commander, then- Colonel Curtis E. LeMay, the 305th earned a reputation as courageous, innovative, "Can Do" warriors in the skies over Europe.

The Group took part in some of the most challenging missions of the Combined Bomber Offensive against Nazi Germany including the August 1943 Schweinfurt-Regensburg raid, the second Schweinfurt raid known as “Black Thursday,” 14 October 1943,and “Big Week” in February 1944. When Victory in Europe Day (VE Day) came on 8 May 1945, the “Can Do” Group had flown 480 missions of all types in 9,321 sorties and dropped 22,363 tons of bombs on the enemy. The Group was awarded two Distinguished Unit Citations for its performance in combat and two of its members received the Medal of Honor – 1st Lt. William J. Lawley, Jr. and 1st Lt. Edward S. Michael. The cost in planes and personnel was high, however. The 305th lost 168 B-17s and over 769 Airmen Killed in Action, not to mention the Airmen wounded or taken prisoner. Fittingly, at the end of the war, the 42nd “Rainbow” Division of the US Army presented the 305th Bombardment Group with a captured Nazi flag from the city of Schweinfurt in recognition of the Group’s losses and its achievements in bringing about the ultimate victory over Germany.

Throughout the years, the 305 AMW has been home to many aircraft, including the B-29, KC-97, B-47, KC-135, B-58, EC-135, C-141, C-12, KC-10 and C-17. The wing's Airmen and aircraft have been involved in every major contingency since 1994, including Operations NORTHERN and SOUTHERN WATCH, ALLIED FORCE, NOBLE EAGLE, ENDURING FREEDOM, IRAQI FREEDOM, NEW DAWN, UNIFIED PROTECTOR, FREEDOM'S SENTINEL, INHERENT RESOLVE and most recently, ALLIES REFUGE, the Kabul evacuation.

The Wing has also been a significant part in critical peacetime operations including the 2004 Pacific Rim tsunami relief, Hurricane Katrin support, Operation TOMODACHI (assistance to Japan following the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami), Operation UNITED ASSISTANCE (to halt the spread of Ebola in West Africa) and the first US aid to Nepal after the 2015 earthquake. The Wing has also been a part of the national response to hurricane activity in this region including Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and Hurricane Harvey in the Houston region in 2017.

The Wing is also a supporting partner that enables flight operations of USN, USA, USMC, ANG, AFRC and DOJ aircraft at Maxfield and McGuire Fields. In addition, the Wing supports the Joint Base with cargo and passenger processing through the Aerial Port Squadron, airfield and ramp maintenance, and air traffic control services. The wing has won thirteen consecutive Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards since 1990 (18 overall). Today, more than 2,400 men and women of the 305th AMW stand ready to provide worldwide support at a moment's notice.


(Current as of June 2023)