Inclement Weather Information
Natural disasters such as hurricanes, nor'easters and snow storms may occur at anytime here at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. This inclement weather page is dedicated to ensuring our joint base community has the key resources needed to prepare for severe weather.

For the most up-to-date information on JB MDL Reporting Status and road conditions, visit the JB MDL Facebook page or call the Joint Base Information Lines at the numbers below.

Phone Numbers

Emergencies - 911


Joint Base Public Affairs - (609) 754-2104


Joint Base Informational Lines:

McGuire/Dix - (609) 754-BASE (2273)

Lakehurst - (732) 323-SNOW (7669)

Joint Base Law Enforcement Desk - (609) 754-6001

United Communities:

Damage Reporting Line - (609) 724-0500

Balfour Beatty Damage Reporting Line - (732) 408-1651

Joint Base Fire Department - (609) 754-2451


Road Conditions

Road condition advisories for Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst are:

JB MDL Road Conditions:Green
Roads are clear and dry. Drivers will comply with normal vehicle operating procedures and posted speed limits.

JB MDL Road Conditions: Yellow
Yellow: The roads are wet and may be slippery due to ice, snow, or reduced visibility. All drivers should exercise caution and must reduce speeds to 5 mph below the posted speed limit.

JB MDL Road Conditions: Red
Red: The road conditions are hazardous due to ice, snow, high winds, heavy precipitation, or reduced visibility. All drivers who must be on the road should use extreme caution and reduce speeds to 15 mph throughout the joint base and 5 mph in all housing areas and parking lots.

JB MDL Road Conditions: Black
The road conditions are extremely hazardous due to ice, snow, high winds, heavy precipitation or reduced visibility. Only those required by their commander and/or director to report for duty are authorized to drive on base. Drivers must exercise extreme caution when reporting for duty.

Reporting Status Explained

When adverse weather occurs, members must know installation procedures to safely arrive at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.

2020 JB MDL Inclement Weather Reporting Instructions


Emergency Employees: 

Base Closure: Individuals designated in advance who are required to maintain essential base services, activities, and schedules; and those needed to restore the base to limited operations, regardless of any dismissal authorization due to weather. (Examples: Emergency responders, those with snow removal missions, Command Post, etc.).

Limited Operations: Individuals designated in advance, by their supervisor, in order to maintain and support limited operations.


Non-Emergency Employees: All other employees


NOTE: Mission Commanders maintain the responsibility of identifying emergency employees and essential personnel based on their individual mission sets.


Find Updates Here
JB Informational Lines:
- Lakehurst: (732) 323-SNOW (7669)
- McGuire/Dix: (609) 754-BASE (2273)
Social Media:
- Facebook:
- Twitter:                                
Joint Base MDL Base App 
Unit Responsibilities
1) Provide snow plow access to parking lots, move cars and equipment if needed

2) Clear snow and ice from facility sidewalk, stairs and entries from parking areas to the work center (NAVAIR and ASA excluded).

3) Ensure sidewalks, stairs, entries and any trafficked areas are salted. Salt can be acquired at civil engineer self help.

4) Notify personnel as deemed necessary via telephone recalls for delay or closure notifications.
Hurricane Useful Links

The Atlantic Hurricane season is June 1 through November 30 and Joint Base MDL needs to be prepared. Click on the links below for hurricane preparedness information.

JB MDL Emergency Management

American Red Cross Shelter Location 

 N.J. Office of Emergency Management - Hurricane Preparedness 

 National Hurricane Center 

 Prepare, prevent claims ahead of time