COVID-19 Chapel Update

Greetings JB MDL Family,

The Joint Base Chapel Team is committed to doing our part to maintain mission readiness and supporting you at all times and especially now through the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to be good neighbors and to help protect our most vulnerable, all chapel worship services and religious education programs will transition to virtual presentations available on Facebook at links available below. During this time of required social distancing, we encourage you to be proactive and creative in finding ways to stay socially, relationally, and spiritually connected. We will do our part and post links to such positive resources. As long as the situation allows, our chapel staff will continue office hours for emergency counseling requirements. You can reach us at: DSN, 650-HOPE (4673); (609) 754-HOPE (4673); After Hour Emergency Chapel Contact via the Command Post, 754-3935. 

For additional information, virtual worship and other resources links, go to the JBMDL Facebook pages at:  @JBMDLChapel, @JBMDLCatholicCommunity, and @JBMDLProtestantChapel

87 ABW/HC RST List of Unit Assignments

Ch Jonathan Hurt, CMSgt. Donald Ramos

87 ABW, 87 CP, CPTS, EO, IG, JA, PA, SE, AFOS, 305 AMW

Ch Raphael Berdugo, CMSgt. Donald Ramos, TSgt. Amanda Peetz


Ch Daniel Sonnenmoser, SSgt. Michelle Harrison, SrA Isaiah Camarillo

MSG, 305 OSS, 87 CONS, 87 CS, 87 FSS, 87 LRS, 87 MSG, 87 SFS, AMC TEST/EVAL

Ch Gregory Jans, TSgt. Amanda Peetz

87 CEG, 787 CES, 87 CES

Ch Chad Haan, SrA Omar Love, A1C Gloria Asare

2 ARS, 32 ARS, 6 AS, APS, OG

Ch Chad Haan, RP2 Adam Davies

Atlantic Strike Team Navy, CNATT, FRC/ASD, MAG 48, NAVEAL Branch Health, NAWCAD, NOSC, NSA, VR-64

Ch David Kahler, TSgt. Jamie Heuer

621 CRW, 621 MSOS, 621 CRSS, 621 AMOS, 818 MSAS, 321 CRS

Ch William Mesaeh, TSgt. Kristopher Valentine

Expeditionary Center



1. How do I know my personal/financial information is secure? Acceptiva, the host for our electronic offerings, is a  VISA/MasterCard Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) Level One Service Provider. This means that they meet or exceed all industry standards for credit card security. In addition to quarterly certification of their PCI  DSS, the site is monitored by GeoTrust (owned by Symantic, the makers of Norton Antivirus) and tested multiple times each day for possible security weaknesses.

2. How do I know my donation will go to the correct fund? Each web form is set up for a specific worship service or program. Your  Account Manager gave the Chapel Tithing Offering Fund (CTOF) Accounting Section instructions on how to credit those funds. Your  donation will be distributed as instructed by your Account Manager.

3. How much of my donation will go to the local chapel? One hundred percent (100%) of your donation is given to your chapel.  Credit card service fees are paid by the CTOF Accounting Section.

4. How do I set up a recurring donation? When filling out an online donation form, there is an option to choose how frequently your  credit card is charged. If you choose to give a recurring donation, you will be prompted to choose one of the following options:  Ongoing, After Number of Payments, After $ Amount Reached, By Specific Date (which can be a PCS date).

5. How do I modify/stop a recurring donation? Starting with the second time your card is charged, your email receipt will give  instructions and a web link you can use to modify your payment information (e.g., card expiration date, mailing address, payment  amount, frequency, etc.)

6. How do I ask for help about online donations? Contact your chaplain and/or the Account Manager. If they cannot help you, they  will contact the CTOF Accounting Section for help.

7. Will I receive a donation receipt for income tax purposes? Yes, each time your card is charged, you will receive an email receipt  confirming payment.  Keep these receipts for your tax records.

8. What payment methods are accepted online? The following credit cards are accepted: VISA, MasterCard, American Express,  Discover, JCB (an international Japanese Card).

9. Can I use my Pay Pal account?  At the present time, we are not able to accept payments from PayPal.

Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Chapels

The Joint Base Chaplain Corps’ mission is to provide targeted spiritual care to Joint Base personnel, so they can become mission-ready warriors and professionals. The Chaplain Corps is dedicated to providing world class ministry to our service members and their families. For more information about religious services and programs, please call (609) 754-HOPE or e-mail

Chaplains are available for spiritual, relational, and grief counseling. They officiate worship services, baptisms, weddings, and memorials. Your conversation with a Chaplain cannot be disclosed without your permission. No exceptions! If you need to contact a Chaplain after duty hours, please call the Command Post at (609) 754-3935 and ask for the Duty Chaplain.

Catholic Services


Catholic Services

Sun - 1200 @ Dix Chapel

Sundays- 1130 am, Dix Chapel or by apt

By Apt

Religious Education (September through May)
Programs for Pre-K through 8th grade, Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, Rite of Christian Initiation of Children and Adult Education
Sunday - 11am, Dix Chapel

Youth Group
Call (609) 562-1398 for more information

Military Council of Catholic Women
Call (609) 562-1398

Knights of Columbus
Call (609) 562-1398

Protestant Services

Community Services

Worship Services

**Access live streaming on Facebook @JBMDLCHAPEL for Protestant Services:

Worship Services

Sunday Service, 10 am @ Dix Chapel (with Children’s Church for grades Pre-K to 6th)

Protestant Adult Sunday school

Sundays, 0900 @ Dix Chapel

Protestant Adult Prayer Meeting

Second Monday of the month, 1800 @ McGuire

Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC)

Tuesdays, 0930 & Wednesdays, 1830 @ Dix Chapel

Children’s Ministry (September through June)

AWANA Sunday’s at 1600 @ Dix Chapel

Protestant Youth of the Chapel (PYOC)

Religious Education program for 6th through 12th grade.

Protestant Men of the Chapel (PMOC)

Wednesdays, 1700 @ Dix Fellowship Hall

(Excludes drill weekend call ahead)

Protestant Young Adults (Navigators) Bible Study

Tuesdays, 1700 @ Dorm 2424 (common area)

Chapel Locations
McGuire Chapel 
2503 East Arnold Ave.
JB MDL, NJ 08641 

North Chapel
3827 School House Rd.
JB MDL, NJ 08641 

Dix  Chapel 
5240 New Jersey Ave. 
JB MDL, NJ 08640

Cathedral of the Air
264 Hope Chapel Road
Lakehurst, NJ 08733
Ecumenical Opportunities
Adult Bible Study
Adult Bible Studies are offered at various days and times on the base.
Neighborhood studies are available.
Call 754-4673 for information.