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Crista Brady-Szabo Flight Chief                                                                                                  -    DSN 650-9327 / Comm. (609) 754-9327
Dawn Pondish- Dietitian                                                                                                           -        DSN 650-9514  / Comm. (609) 754-9514



The Air Force Health Promotion (HP) program drives the Air Force toward a "Culture of Health" that optimizes Comprehensive Airman Fitness. HP strives to make healthy living become the default lifestyle choice and social norm across the base community. Health Promotions enables individuals to lead healthy lives; units to become exemplary healthy workplaces; and military and civilian personnel to execute their

missions productively.

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BODY FAT Assessments

Health Promotions offers two type of body fat assessments both the BOD POD and the InBody.  Both machines can accurately analyze your body composition.  The information obtained from the assessment can be an extremely useful tool in helping you to reach your health goals. 



Nutrition Classes

         Healthy Eating

This class is designed to help you learn the basic

concepts of better nutrition.  Whether you are looking to lose weight or simply

improve your health, this class offers guidance and practical

application strategies for any lifestyle. Topics discussed include

calorie tracking, portion control, meal planning, restaurant eating and



        Healthy Heart

This class is designed to help you learn nutrition

strategies for managing  your cholesterol levels,

improving your blood pressure, and preventing cardiovascular

disease.  Topics  discussed include sodium, healthy vs unhealthy fats, fiber

and portion control.



        Diabetes Nutrition

This class is designed to help you learn

nutrition strategies for managing your blood glucose levels.

 If you have diabetes or borderline diabetes, this class will help

you learn what foods you should eat, how much you should eat and when you

should eat to best manage your blood glucose levels. Topics

discussed include carbohydrate counting, portion control, meal planning and

label reading.


To schedule nutrition classes call the MTF appointment line at


Other Services



For text support, text MIL to 47848. Encouragement is available via text 24/7 for up to 8 weeks.


Another resource is to call 1-800-QUIT-NOW .


Contact Health Promotions for one on one smoking cessation sessions.  



Health Promotions is available for onsite squadron specific briefings on a

wide range of wellness topics. 


Please contact us for more information or to schedule a briefing.

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Sample Fitness Programs

Click on the link below for a running program