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Health Promotion is the art and science of helping individuals, commands and the military community improve their health-related behaviors and outcomes. We provide a range of evidenced-based interventions via programs and services that facilitate healthy living as the default lifestyle choice and social norm. Health promotion fosters a culture and environment that values health and wellness; empowers individuals and organizations to lead healthy lives; and improves the health, mission readiness and productivity of the military community.

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Health Promotion offers two type of body composition assessments, the BOD POD and the InBody. Both machines accurately analyze your body composition, one using air displacement and the other bioelectrical impedance. The information obtained from the assessment can be an extremely useful tool in helping you to reach your health goals and overall awareness.


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Health Promotion Classes

Nutritious Eating and Weight Management

When you eat healthy food, your body will function better and you will feel better, look better, have more energy, think more clearly, be more alert, lower your risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity, and you'll enjoy life more! This class is also good for those who want to learn more about nutrition, to lose weight, or follow up after a failed PT test.

Diabetes Education
The program is available to all active duty and dependents who have been clinically diagnosed with diabetes and pre-diabetes. You will learn how to better manage your diabetes and blood sugar through carbohydrate counting. Provider referral and appointment required (scheduled through Referral
 Please arrive 15 minutes early.


Healthy Heart

This class is for those interested in preventing heart disease or who have been referred by their provider because of risk factors. You will learn the basics of reducing high cholesterol and high blood pressure. We will discuss lifestyle choices that affect your health. You will learn about blood pressure, good and bad dietary fats, and the importance of being active. (Prospective participants are encouraged to have current cholesterol blood readings done 2 or more weeks prior to class.)

Tobacco Cessation
Get the resources and support to quit! This 1-hour tobacco class is designed to help you better understand tobacco addiction, identify triggers, develop a quit plan, discuss withdrawal symptoms and more. Get guidance from a tobacco treatment specialist to enable you to reach your goals. Weekly phone call follow up and support group, if needed. Nicotine replacement Therapy (NRT) and Non-NRT medication available.

Best S.E.L.F.
This 6-week program is an Air Force comprehensive Health Promotion program focusing on nutrition, sleep, physical activity, and mindfulness. This course is designed to help individuals achieve a healthy lifestyle, with the benefits of learning how to maintain a healthy body composition. This program meets once a week for 6 weeks.

Other Services



For text support, text MIL to 47848. Encouragement is available via text 24/7 for up to 8 weeks.


Another resource is to call 1-800-QUIT-NOW .



Health Promotion is available for onsite squadron specific briefings on a wide range of wellness topics. 


Please contact us for more information or to schedule a briefing.


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Sample Fitness Programs

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Project HeRO

     Project HeRO (Health and Readiness Optimization) is multi-component work site intervention designed to help Airmen be more active, eat better, feel better, and maintain a healthy weight.  HeRO activities will focus on addressing the four HP focus areas: nutritional fitness, sleep optimization, physical activity, and tobacco free living.Project Hero Graphic