Chapel delivers coffee and prayers

By TSgt Thomas Myers | Oct. 2, 2019


When we think of an airman, we often reflect on their mission and how well they are able to accomplish it.  The mission is the always the priority, but sometimes the human factors of performing at such a high level are forgotten.  There are days when Airmen are tired, worried, and stressed about work or their relationships at home.  Thus, the 87th Air Base Wing Chaplain Corps seeks to mitigate these stressors through unit visitation, individual counseling, morale events and more.

This summer, the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Chaplain Corps received a donation of six pallets of coffee and 40 Keurig’s from Holy Joe’s CafĂ©.  Located in Wallingford, Connecticut, this non-profit organization has been donating coffee and supplies to the U.S. Military and NATO troops in 70 countries throughout the world via  Their mission as stated on this site is “serving a little bit of home to those who serve our country.”

This donation of Keurig’s and coffee has assisted the Chaplain team via six Religious Support Teams (RST’s), which consists of a Chaplain and a Religious Affairs Airman. They interact with Airmen across the base, engaging them in meaningful and impactful conversation.  The RST’s meet with troops, listen to their concerns and when needed, provide 100% confidential counseling. 

Sharing a cup of coffee or simply praying together provides the team a chance to develop relationships with the Airmen. RST’s understand that not all troops visited need immediate intervention, but building relationships early on can prove critical in aiding Airmen from feeling lost or forgotten.

The Chaplain Corps is able to give valuable information to base leadership through these visits. It allows RST’s an opportunity to provide critical advisement to Commanders, Supervisors, Senior Enlisted and others.  The advice and recommendations to units can include their morale, welfare, unit comradery and mission effectiveness.

A cup of coffee may seem miniscule to some, but often small acts of kindness have an everlasting effect on a person.  The success of sharing coffee is unmeasurable, but the impact seen by the Chaplain team is without a doubt evident to all.