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NEWS | Feb. 17, 2023

CHPS continues to enhance health and fitness for Airmen and civilians alike

By Daniel Barney Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Public Affairs

Civilian Health Promotion Services continues to promote health and wellness to the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst community. Located at the McGuire fitness center, Civilian Health Promotion Services is an Air Force-run program that provides free resources to help individuals maintain and improve their health and well-being. Reserved for Federal civilian employees and active-duty military service members alike, CHPS services are mobile and can be requested by eligible individuals to serve them around the joint base military installation.

“Our purpose is to serve civilian employees and service members with helpful resources that will assist them in improving their quality of life and reduce the risk of preventable health conditions that may bring potential harm to one’s livelihood,” said Anna Orlov, CHPS health promotion coordinator. “My team and I will continue to strive for excellence as we push this program to eligible individuals of the joint base who may not be aware of our existence.”

Orlov later explained that CHPS offers wellness screenings, such as: cardiac risk profile, blood pressure, body composition, and skin analysis. Additional services that are offered include: health education classes, health awareness campaigns, and wellness challenges.

As she explained some of the services being offered through CHPS, Orlov mentioned a specific type of service that she believed that every individual should attend through the program.

“I believe that attending our health education classes are essential for new, current, and future participants who are willing to enroll into CHPS,” said Orlov. “Our team here at CHPS provide over 60 classes, such as learning about the basic fundamentals of nutrition, mindful eating habits, meal planning, reading nutrition labels, managing stress, and physical exercise. This is a great opportunity for the joint base community in continuing to enhance their nutritional and health knowledge.”

As CHPS continue to reach out to as many individuals as possible, Orlov mentioned an accomplishment that she was truly proud of, as a representative of the program.

“My proudest accomplishment was the overwhelmingly positive reception that our program was receiving from people across the joint base community. Our team continues to work hard as we are attracting more people to an already growing CHPS community,” Orlov said. “I was enthralled by the customer feedback we received about our program, hearing such responses as, ‘This program has been life-changing,’ and ‘CHPS has been a great asset to the community.’ Positive feedback not only brings me such joy and happiness, but to the rest of the CHPS team.”

After Orlov complimented her team for their hard work, collaboration, and determination, Myagreen Shrestha, CHPS health promotion specialist, concluded her statement on what she liked the most about working with CHPS.

“What I cherish the most about working with CHPS is getting to interact with the people here on Joint Base MDL. The people whom I interact with developed such a strong interest in learning more about their health and sought assistance from the CHPS staff who were willing to help, by any means necessary,” said Shrestha. “I always do my due diligence in helping countless people who want to develop a healthier lifestyle for themselves. Even if I have to help them in setting up goals and objectives to improve their nutrition or control their meal eating habits, I am always open to look for more challenges in saving people’s lives.”

If you want to learn more about CHPS, please log in to, email at or, or call (609) 754-1963.