NEWS | April 8, 2021

99th Medical ECS Supplies Equipment

By Senior Airman Shay Stuart 87th Public Affairs

Tucked back on Army Support Activity Fort Dix sits the 99th Medical Equipment Concentration Site. To the untrained eye, the 99th MECS looks like an unassuming warehouse from the outside, but within this building is a vast supply of medical equipment that is essential to the U.S. Army Reserve.

“There’s only two medical ECS in the whole Army Reserve.” Said Felix Colagioia III, MECS manager from the 99th Readiness Division, “We are responsible for the East Coast medical maintenance of Army Reserve assets.”

The 99th MECS services all combat field hospital equipment, standard medical equipment and veterinary and dental clinical equipment. They support multiple Army Reserve missions and provide high priority training equipment.

By utilizing the Army’s Global Combat Support System, the 99th MECS is able to ensure that all of the medical equipment is properly maintained and mission-ready.

“We track all of the maintenance records for items by a mixture of contractor, government support and the GCSS-Army. We ensure through multiple resources the current manufacture and calibrations settings of the equipment stored here are up to date,” said Colagioia.
Colagioia currently serves in the Army Reserve as Logistics Instructor. Knowing that medical equipment supplied by the 99th MECS can mean the difference between life and death, gives him even more incentive to ensure proper operation of materials.

“As a current soldier, knowing the strict standards and procedures we follow, it gives me great hope that if this is ever used it will be effective,” said Colagioia. “Ultimately knowing that this equipment could save a life is the most motivating thing of all.”