Community Action Team Highlights


Community Action Team (CAT)

-Develops comprehensive, coordinated planning for integrating and implementing community outreach and prevention programs; improve delivery of human service programs by establishing a seamless system of services through collaborative partnerships and coordinated activities

-Working arm of the Community Action Board (CAB)

-Membership: Representatives from all JB MDL functional communities, includes community support and readiness programs, quality of life programs, sexual assault prevention & response, family advocacy, mental health, health promotion, chaplain programs, School Liaison and Exceptional Family Member representatives.

-Leadership representatives from across all service components of JB MDL

JB MDL CAT Mission Statement

Develop and foster a cross-service Joint Base mission and culture with goals, services, and tools integrated to support the readiness, well-being, and community of Total Force members and families.

Community Action Board (CAB)

The Joint Base focuses on identifying and resolving issues impacting Installation Military Members and their families and enhancing members' abilities to function as productive Installation community members. The CAB emphasizes strengthening force readiness through a sense of community and assisting Military members and civilians, families and communities to thrive and successfully manage the demands of military life.

The CAB, chaired by the Installation commander, is comprised of leadership across the installation and is a forum where issues impacting installation personnel are presented and action plans are developed to address the challenges agencies may be having concerning their programs or implementing new initiatives.

The CAT team supports the CAB by developing a comprehensive plan for implementing and marketing base-wide outreach and prevention programs, identifying community concerns for the CAB and proposing solutions, implementing collaborative activities as directed by CAB and identified by CAT members, and monitoring installation-wide suicide statistics and supporting suicide prevention programs.


What is the CAT doing?


CAT meets every first Wednesday of the Month.
Location: Building 2504 Rm 112/113

CAB meets once per quarter. Locations vary. 

To attend, contact the Integrated Prevention and Resiliency Office at 754-5718 or


Community Action Board/Community Action Team: Membership:

Community Action Board:                                                                                                                         Voting Members: CAB Chair, CCC, HC, SE, PA, SJA, All Group Commanders (CC), Civil Engineering Squadron (CES/CC), Force Support Squadron (FSS/CC), Comptroller Squadron (CPTS/CC), Security Forces Squadron (SFS/CC), Senior Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA), ARC/CCs, a First Sergeant, others as determined by the CAB Chair
Invited Non-Voting Member: Senior Spouse Representatives, Key Spouses as appropriate
Required Attendees: CAB Executive Director/CAT Chair, IPRO, SARC, DPH; all CAT members encouraged to attend
Frequency: At least quarterly. 

Community Action Team
Members: CAB Executive Director/CAT Chair, IPRO, SARC, DPH; EO, DI, MFRC, SEL, others as determined by the CAB Chair

The JB MDL CAT has members for all branches of service and welcomes any new requests to joint our Team.