Military Family Action Plan (MFAP)


What is MFAP?
Have an idea, an issue or concern? The Military Family Action Plan has the answer. MFAP is an initiative to improve the overall quality of life for Military Service members, their families, DoD civilians, and retirees. It is a process whereby we identify critical issues concerning welfare and morale and present them to senior leadership for resolution.

The MFAP Story
MFAP began in the late 1970s through the efforts of Army spouses who wanted to improve the quality of life for their families. The Army Family Action Plan was established in 1984 and continues the grass roots process begun by Army spouses. The Air Force initiated the Caring For People Conference in 2009 in conjunction with the Year of the Air Force Family. With the advent of the Joint Base movement, JB MDL has taken what is now termed Military Family Action Plan, as a best practice, and launched its first joint base conference in October 2009. 
MFAP Success Stories
· Thrift Savings Plan was authorized
· Transfer of Education Benefits for spouse and/or children
· Extended Tricare for college students up to the age of 25
· SGLI increases
· Stabilization for families of high school seniors
· Creation of the School Liaison Officers
· Professional weight allowance for spouses during PCS
· Military Spouse Preference for federal employment
What is an MFAP Issue?
Any issue that affects the readiness and well-being of our Service Members, and/or their families. Issues may be installation specific or "larger military" issues. The process starts at the installation, where volunteers participate in an MFAP conference. These work group participants are assigned to working groups to review issues, suggestions and concerns submitted for consideration by members of the community. These working groups address specific areas of concern, including medical and dental, benefits and entitlements, family support, force support and many more. Work group participants include military members from all Joint Base service components, National Guardsmen and Reservists, military retirees, family members and Department of the Defense civilian employees.

Work group participants review and prioritize issues which are presented to the Installation leadership on the last day of the conference. Some issues will be resolved at the local level, and some will be forwarded to higher level Air Force "Caring for People" or Army "Army Family Action Plan" symposiums. Issues will be worked at this level until resolved or deemed unattainable. Through this process there have been more than 117 legislative changes and 178 new or improved programs and services.

If you would like to be a workgroup participant, please submit a Workgroup Participant Application Form.

Who can Submit an Issue?

Any military Service Member, Retiree, Family Member, Civilian, volunteer... YOU!

How to Submit an Issue?

If you would like to submit an issue, submit an online MFAP Issue Sheet.
Fillable Forms
MFAP Issue Sheet

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