Requesting Honors for a U.S. Army Veteran or Retiree


To process funeral honors request, we must have verification of US Army service with an “honorable” or “general” discharge. Ideally, requests should be sent 5 business days prior to the time of honors. We cannot guarantee honors requests with less than 3 business days' notice.


1. Verify the funeral honors will be held in the JB MDL CAC service area. For areas in Pennsylvania outside our service area, please see the Ft Meade CAC here. For areas in New York outside our service area, please see the Ft. Drum CAC here.

2. Download the Ft. Dix CAC Funeral Honors Request form (found on this page above the instructions section).

3. Complete the information in the burial Request form and save the pdf with the title “Request for Funeral Honors – [last name, first name - date of the honors]”. Please change the bracketed [] text to the information of the request.

4. Email the request form and service document(s) in two separate pdf files to the below email address. Please use the subject line “Request for Funeral Honors – [last name, first name - date of the honors].
If you have a question or need more information, please call at 609-562-4453, or refer to our FAQ here.

5. Order a US flag for funeral honors from the US post office. Information on requesting a flag can be found here.


What Happens Next:

1. Check to make sure we received the request. Please wait at least an hour and call to confirm we received your email. We may also email you to verify we received it. Please check your email before calling. Please do not send multiple requests without checking with us first. At best, multiple requests will cause delays in processing the request. In some cases, it has caused multiple teams to arrive, or no team to arrive for the honors because of the confusion it caused.

2. Once a team is assigned to provide honors, we will email or call to let you know a team will be in place. Please check your email and spam folder. For honors in New Jersey, we cannot confirm prior to the afternoon of the business day before the honors are scheduled.