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NEWS | Feb. 7, 2020

Reliving BMT: 305th AMW Senior Leaders Visit JBSA-Lackland

By 1st Lt. Jaclyn Sumayao Joint Base MDL Public Affairs

Leaders from the 305th Air Mobility Wing toured JBSA to witness training, attend a coining ceremony and Basic Military Training graduation January 29-31.

“It’s a culture change, it was different back then. It was very much do as I say,” said Tech. Sgt David Worley, BMT chief of protocol. “Now we welcome feedback. We encourage trainees to ask questions because we don’t want forced compliance.”

The 305th AMW toured multiple areas of BMT, including physical fitness training, dormitories, dining facilities, classrooms and more. They spoke to many instructors and trainees during the visit to gain a better understanding of the curriculum and its purpose.

“Building the ‘Airmen We Need’ starts at the gateway of the Air Force with BMT. It was an exceptional visit this past week providing leaders a first-hand look at the next generation of Airmen.  Additionally, a greater understanding for our commanders, superintendents, and supervisors on Developmental Special Duty and the Non Commissioned Officers who are growing the next generation. BMT graduation is the best show on earth and a reminder to all the enlisted of where we came from,” said Chief Master Sgt. Rodolfo Gamez, 305th AMW command chief.

Trainees are taught skills that contribute not only to the military but also life. This helps improve their critical thinking for day-to-day tasks.

“They have more commitment to the Air Force if they fully understand why we do things the way we do; they become committed to the process,” said Worley.  

The senior leaders noticed changes in BMT since they attended training.  The curriculum is targeted toward creating more well-rounded Airmen.

“This is a huge benefit for the 305th AMW, with new Airmen coming into the wing who were trained under this new BMT curriculum,” said Master Sgt. Jessica Stockwell, 305th AMW Commander’s Action Group superintendent. “Airmen have the opportunity to obtain healthier nutritional options while they adapt to a new physical training regimen.”

Leadership watched the graduating class reunite with their families during the BMT coining ceremony. Airmen had not seen their loved ones in almost two months leading up to graduation.

“It was great to see our new Airman graduate and finally feel the success of all their hard work as they walked the parade field on graduation day,” said Stockwell. “I find it extremely important that we continue to have leadership, both old and new, visit BMT to see its ever-evolving curriculum. If we stay engaged with them, we will continue to aid in their success.”