JB MDL Equal Opportunity
Equal OpportunityThe 87th Air Base Wing Equal Opportunity staff is responsible for promoting leadership's "zero-tolerance" equal opportunity policy and the value of diversity in the workforce. We serve as advisors on equal opportunity and treatment to Air Force military, civilians, dependents and retirees. Our primary objective is to assist personnel in addressing and resolving complaints of discrimination at the earliest possible stages of the complaint process and at the lowest level.

2903Falcon Lane
Room 2

Main phone:754-2657
Org Box: 87ABW.EO@mcguire.af.mil
Who do we Serve?
· Active Duty Military
· Family Members of AD
· Retirees
· DoD Civilian Employees

NOTE: Third Parties may not file complaints on behalf of another individuals
Protected Categories:
· Race
· Color
· Sex
· National Origin
· Religion

Additional for Civilians:
· Age (Over 40)
· Disability
· Genetic Information
· Reprisal
Services Provided
· Informal & formal complaint processing
· Conflict resolution through mediation/facilitation/alternative dispute resolution
· Human relations education
· Unit climate assessment
Military-Specific Information
Time Line: There is no time limit for filing an informal complaint. Formal complaints must be filed within 60 days of the discriminatory act.

Military Informal Complaint Process
EO Office works with the member and any appropriate agencies to attempt resolution at the lowest level.

Military Formal Complaint Process
When individuals believe their EO concerns can only be addressed through a formal process or they are not satisfied with the informal process, the EO formal complaint is the next option. In this stage the EO office conducts complaint clarification.
Civilian-Specific Information
Time Line: Civilians must contact EO within 45 calendar days of the alleged offense.

Civilian Informal Complaint Process
Civilians must exhaust the informal complaint process before beginning a formal complaint.

Civilian Formal Complaint Process
When there is no resolution at the informal stage the aggrieved person can file a formal complaint.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Program: You can choose between ADR and counseling within EO guidelines. This is handled through the use of certified mediator.