HPCON Charlie Information

Effective Saturday, Nov. 21, JB MDL will transition to HPCON Charlie and tighten restrictions due to an uptick in positive COVID-19 cases on base and in the local area. 

This return to HPCON Charlie will look different now than it did in the spring and will bring different guidelines now that we have more knowledge about the virus. Two big changes will come with this transition. 

First, we are encouraging organizations to maximize essential personnel only in work areas and encourage telework for the workforce whenever practical and feasible, and when physical distancing cannot be maintained. 

Second, the local area is now limited to a 150-mile radius. Per SECDEF’s memo, any leave requires commander approval. This will also apply to mass-transit travel.

There will be other modifications made to the fitness centers and dining options.  Fitness centers remain open for military personnel only at a reduced capacity.  All dining will be take-out only (Pudgy’s, Fairways, BX food court) with the exception of the DFACs, where dine in options will be limited to ESM cardholders only. At this time, there are no other planned changes to the CDCs, base restrictions/access or hours of operations for installation services. 

Collectively as an installation, on and off base gatherings are where we are struggling the most. New Jersey and JB MDL’s indoor gathering policy is limited to 10 people.

If you do not live on base or have an official and necessary purpose to enter the base, please stay home for the safety of you and others. Access to the Commissary and AAFES are not restricted but should be limited due to the significant health and public safety risks. Essential Personnel status applies to all contractors, companies, and other agencies on JB MDL. Restrictions and guidelines will be strictly enforced for all who access and work on the installation.

As we enter this holiday season, it is important that we are celebrating responsibly. It is imperative to remember the importance of physical distancing, hygiene and masks - especially as we begin traveling or spending time with other people. We need to ensure that we’re resetting and enjoying ourselves, and remember that what you expose yourself to off base will affect those in your workplace when you return. 

If conditions worsen, further restrictions will be imposed. JB MDL leadership will continue to monitor and evaluate the situation to determine the next steps. The actions of each individual will determine how we move forward as an installation. 

Continue to stay educated through checking the JB MDL app’s COVID-19 tab, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announcements, routine health alerts, regular preparedness activities, and your chain of command.